Malang At A Glance

MALANG CITY, about 90 km south of Surabaya, is a busy city with a population in excess of 850,000 people. Situated at an altitude of 450m and circled by attractive volcanoes, it is cool, tree-lined and much more tourist-friendly in all respects than Surabaya.

Tengger Highland

TENGGER HIGHLAND: An ancient caldera; the highest one in Java. Right in the middle of a sea of sand stands four peaks of mountains.

Rocky Beach

Ngliyep is a rocky beach located in Kedungsalam village, it has wonderful views where gigantic waves meet coral reefs.Enjoy one-day trip in Ngliyep beach, a beautiful rocky beach in the Southern part of Malang Regency. It has an isle with a lush green tropical shore-forest giving more enchantment to the beach.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Paragliding on Batu

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To find another beauty in Batu you have to try this contentment, how about paragliding? Batu is not only promising about the beauty of natural scenery but Batu can be the best choice for those who love adrenalin tourism such as paragliding. To get this amusement just go to Banyak mountain which more familiar as the aero spot in Malang Regency. Paragliders usually come to this place in June up to October.
Banyak mountain which stand 7°51′45″S   112°30′15″E (1350m) is considered as the best mountain-base paragliding site in Indonesia. The elevation from launching to landing is about 400m with only less than 2km away, flyable almost 365 days a year, ridge soaring and thermals, good access to the site, and beautiful landscape of Kota Batu and Mt. Panderman. Perfect for schooling and tandem paragliding.
This area is intentionally selected because it suitable as paragliding sports center, you can fly around, peering scenery from the air then landed in the Songgorit area.
In this place, a national event of paragliding often held on this location. Because of the transportation and accommodation facilities are quite good to  go to Banyak mountain.
From Malang's bus station (Arjosari), take a blue shuttle van AL (Arjosari-Landungsari) then from Landungsari station, take a purple shuttle van to Batu, stop over at Batu' station and take a green shuttle van, stop over at Songgoriti.

Malangan Classical Ballets

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Enjoy one of the claassical ballets from Malang, Beskalan Dance. It is a special dance used to open a ceremony or to welcome the prominent guests.
The "Beskalan" is derived from the Javanese word "Bakalan". It means the basis of all forms that can appear in the physical oe metaphisical things. It is always performed in the first agenda of a ceremony. The word "Beskalan" coming from the word "Bakalan" can be interpreted as first.
Malangan Mask Dance usually tells about "Panji" story (Javanese nobleman story or love story). In Malang Regency, there are three "Padepokan Seni" or Art Studio, they are Asmoro Bangun Art Studio, it belongs to Karangpandan village, Pakisaji Sub District and Mangun Dharma Art Studio at Glagahdowo-Tulusbesar village, Tumpang; Mudra Ganesha Art Studio at Bokor Village, Turen.

Batu Points Of Views

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Just feel free to enjoy the "Marvelous Batu", the cool city and it is the  Little Switzerland in Java.
    * Agro Tourism
Batu is identical with his agro tourism, you can find : apple, flower, strawberry, and vegetables. Just try the apple picking tour, its directly pick from the trees. This tour can be the pledge for Batu tourism object, just go to Punten village, Bumiaji village, and Kusuma Agro Wisata areas (Kusuma Agro Tourism). If you want fresh vegetables just go to Sumberbrantas village, you will find lot of vegetables there such as carrot, potatoes, mustard, etc.
    * Natural Beauty
With the geographical conditions that surrounded by mountains Batu can give the real taste about nature. If you like to have a nice camp tour you can go to Cuban Rais and Cuban Talun waterfall to get the real fresh air from fresh mountains. Then go to Cangar to take great spa session, this hot water is rises from Mount Arjuno.
    * Cultural Tourism
Enjoy the beautiful cultural tourism on Batu, just like classical ballets from Batu, Sedekah Bumi, Ludruk, and you can find also Campur Sari.
    * Heritage
Batu have lot of great cultural heritage such as Songgoriti temple, the relic from Dutch era, and Japan era like Kartika Wijaya Hotel, Tuan Danger grave, Japanese cave in Cangar, Japanese cave in Tlekung.

Batu City (Little Switzerland in Java)

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Batu is a city in East Java province, Indonesia. The city is located 15 km west of Malang, in the path of Kediri and Malang, Malang, Jombang. Formerly, It was a part of Malang regency; but in 2001, Batu became an independent city legalized by Act of 11, 2001, when it became a municipal town with its own city mayor and council.  This city is directly border with the District Mojokerto and Pasuruan in the north and the District of Malang to the east, south, and west. This urban area located at an altitude of 680-1200 meters above sea level with temperatures average 15-19 degrees Celsius.
A population of 170,000 people, it mostly consists of Javanese and Madurese ethnics. The town used to be a recreation place for the Dutch colonial officers in the Dutch colonial area (before 1945). A historic colonial-style hotel is the Kartika Wijaya, founded in 1891 by the Sarkies Brothers. Batu has been called Little Switzerland in Java because of the tourist area lied on the cool mountains. In this city you can find lot of tourist attraction such as in Songgoriti you will find  Songgoroto Temple and Ganesha statues and relics of the kingdom Singosari then the resorts which built since the Dutch era.
In the vicinity of Batu, scattering places if interest have so far attracted many visitors due to the distinctive features found in every tourist resort in the area such as, Songgoriti which is famous for its curative thermal spring, while Selecta is naturally famous for its swimming pool, impressive view of fruit market and fresh vegetables as well as flower-stalls along the streetside leading to the bathingside.
The roads, both leading to Batu and the surrounding resorts, are in good condition in which a large number of public transportation always play routes in this area.
Accomodation and its facilities scattering here and there such as star hotel, inns, villas, restaurants, souvenir shops, streetside stalls, play ground and swimming pool are avalaible. This fascinating tourist object of Batu, is approximately 20 km to the Northwest of Malang.
Coming from outside the Indonesian Archipelago, you have three main options to get Malang.

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